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How to Join the Spin Revolution:

To add the Spin Membership to your fitness arsenal, simply upgrade your current gym access. It's more than just a membership; it's a community within a community, where every spin becomes a shared experience.

Revolutionize Your Workout Journey Now

Meet our Spin Instructors


Ride with Kate Klompstra

Kate has been involved in the fitness industry for around 8 years now, in different aspects. She started with weight lifting but then directed her focus on Triathlon training.

"This sparked a love for group fitness classes, where I found my true passion in spinning.

I have participated in many forms of spin involving rhythm riding, HIIT classes, and endurance based cycling.

In 2023, I became a certified spin instructor and have never been happier. I love the community that our spin classes at BCB creates. The energy and vibes radiate throughout the room.

My goal, at the gym, is to create a sweaty and exciting workout class to the beat of an unreal song." - Kate


Ride with Trista Lowe

Trista has 10 years experience teaching spin, and has taught in multiple countries including Mexico, Jamaica, and Panama.

Her level of intensity comes from her time training in the sport of taekwondo. 
She is a 4th degree black belt (master) so get ready to experience spin at an entirely different level than ever before. Her love for music and dance makes it easy to come up with the absolute best music to catch a beat and ride to.

Class Experience

"I’ve known Trista for many years, both inside and outside of the gym. She is a very passionate person who puts her heart and soul into everything she does, including teaching spin! There’s no question why her classes are booked up weeks in advance. Her knowledge and experience are second to none. As soon as the music starts she will pump you up, motivate you, push you, make you sweat, and you’ll keep coming back for more. If you haven’t already tried the best spin class in town, you are truly missing out!"
Class Member


Are classes included in all memberships?
Yes - on all of our regular memberships classes are included. Our spin exclusive memberships only give access to spin class.
What classes are offered?
Our class schedule is put out on a 5 week rotation as we still are a new facility. We currently offer spin and mobility classes.
How far in advance can I sign up for a class?

Members are able to start reserving a bike for spin 10 days in advance. All other classes can be reserved 45 days in advance. 

I am interested in classes only, I don’t want to use the rest of the facility. Is there an option for somebody like me who only wants classes?

We offer a spin exclusive membership for those who only want spin classes. There is a monthly and yearly option available. We also offer a 10 day pass bundle that can be used for drop in classes.