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Experience the pinnacle of fitness with our Personal Training
program, led by seasoned trainers armed with a wealth of
knowledge. Our commitment to quality trainers ensures that
every session is tailored to meet your unique goals, fostering
your growth and success within our gym.

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Meet our Trainers

Brooke Davis

Certified Personal Trainer | Healthcare Enthusiast | Owner of BCB

With 8 years immersed in the fitness world, Brooke brings a unique blend of expertise to her clients. Her journey began as a certified Personal Trainer, and since then, she's delved into various facets of health and wellness.

Coming from a background in healthcare, Brooke's passion for living a healthy lifestyle runs deep. As the proud owner of BCB, she's dedicated to helping individuals not just reach their fitness goals but also embrace the healthiest version of themselves.

Brooke's approach is all about collaboration. She believes in navigating challenges together with her clients, understanding their unique needs, and crafting personalized strategies that work best for them. Whether it's strength training, nutrition guidance, or overall wellness coaching, Brooke is committed to empowering her clients every step of the way.

Outside the gym, Brooke is preparing for her debut in bodybuilding, with her eyes set on competing in her first show in 2024. This dedication to pushing her own boundaries reflects her ethos of continual growth and transformation.

Contact Brooke today and embark on a journey towards a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant you.
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Meet our Trainers

Justin Smith

Justin comes to us with 10 years of fitness related experience. He has worked as a Personal Trainer, Registered Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist Assistant, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Accountability Coach. Aside from his work in the Fitness industry, Justin has been competing in Classic Physique Bodybuilding for 6 years.
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“My wife and I noticed immediately that BorderCity is a much more welcoming environment than the big name gyms. The owners got me in contact with Justin Smith, who has been a fantastic lifting coach. He corrected a ton of mistakes I was making in my major exercises and compound lifts and developed a whole new training split for me. Aside from being a huge, clean space with tons of equipment, it’s the culture and support that make BorderCity worthwhile!”

BorderCity Barbell Training
Client of Justin Smith


Is Personal Training included in my membership?
Personal Training packages are offered additionally. An active membership is a requirement for Personal Training.
How long are the training sessions?
Training sessions are 1 hour in length.
What Personal Training packages do you offer?

We offer a single session, a package of 5, 10 and 20 sessions

How does scheduling work between the Trainer and I?

Once a membership and package has been purchased and all documents have been signed, the Trainer will be notified and will have 72 hours to contact you. From there, you and the Trainer will work together to schedule your sessions.